While there are many Bible translations available, few are in the public domain in modern English, and even fewer in the public domain are based on the latest textual criticism using all available manuscripts. The goal of the New Heart English Bible (NHEB) project is to meet these requirements. The NHEB began with the public domain World English Bible, and was updated using the latest Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek editions noted below.

Since the original autographs of the biblical books are no longer extant, and in the human enterprise of hand copying, mistakes are likely, textual criticism with review of all the manuscripts is necessary in order to recover the authentic text.

For the New Testament there are 5,300+ complete or fragmented Greek manuscripts and 19,000+ translations in Arabic, Armenian (2,587), Coptic, Ethiopic (2,000+), Georgian, Gothic, Latin Vulgate (10,000+), Old Latin, Slavic (4,101), and Syriac (350+). There are also 2,000+ lectionaries and 35,000 church father quotes before the 4th century. For the Old Testament there are thousands of Masoretic and ancient Hebrew rolls, codices and fragments (which include 220+ Dead Sea Scroll, Nash, Masada, Murabbar’at, and Cairo Genizah), 8,000 Latin Vulgate, 1,500+ Greek Septuagint, Greek (Aquila, etc), Samaritan Pentateuch, Syriac, Targum, and Arabic.

A text critical Hebrew Old Testament edition (MTH) and a Greek New Testament edition (MGNT; 3rd edition, April 2021) for the public domain were prepared for the NHEB, as well as for translators, Bible students, and Bible software programs.

The MTH began with the Leningrad codex, which was then updated based on all available manuscripts, including Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Samaritan Pentateuch, Syriac and Latin, with reference to several Hebrew editions.

The MGNT utilized the Westcott-Hort 1881 Greek NT which was then updated based on a review of variants and GNT editions, which included Tischendorf NT 8th edition and Robinson-Pierpont GNT. The Editio Critica Maior for Acts and the General Letters was also consulted. This edition has a critical apparatus.

The Hebrew Tanakh with nikud and Greek NT with accents became available April 2019 through the MySword module HGPD (Hebrew Greek Public Domain). Over 1600 words that have evidence of having fallen out of the contemporary Hebrew and Greek editions from copyist haplography have been returned to these editions. 

The NHEB and versions are available here as Text and PDF files, and are also available through the MySword app (Android), BibleHub, and some BibleBento versions (iOS). The text critical Hebrew OT and Greek NT editions are available below in PDF and RTF files, and can also be conveniently viewed in the MySword modules HGPD and MGNT.

The New Heart English Bible (NHEB) and versions NHEB-JE, NHEB-JM, NHEB-ME, NHEB-AN, NHEB-YHWH, as well as the MGNT and  MTH editions, are not copyrighted and are dedicated to the Public Domain by the editors and translators. No one may copyright the NHEB, its versions, or the MGNT or MTH. No one may trademark the above  versions. Without changing the text, you may publish, copy, translate, quote, and use the NHEB and versions, and MGNT and MTH freely without additional permission.

NHEB in print? A print version of the public domain NHEB for home or public reading has some advantages over the MySword digital version. The whole NHEB is not currently available in print. However, you can print it yourself, if you don't mind an 8.5 x 11 four centimeters thick copy. It usually should take only a week or two, for about $35 USD plus about $25 shipping (US). If you are interested in having this kind of copy, download this file, which is formatted for 8.5 x 11 inches, and, for example, go to bestvaluecopy dot com; Click on Get Started Now; Pages: 716; B&W; Double sided; 8.5x11; paper: 20#; Collated; Binding: Perfect; Front [and back] cover: Hard, B&W, 20#; Front cover material: #65 Laser; Last step: upload pdf. This is only a suggestion. You may shop around for the best deal.

NHEB Audio Bible


NHEB txt. Standard Edition. Text line-by-line format. Public Domain.
NHEB ME txt. Special Edition: Messianic. Text line-by-line format. Public Domain.
NHEB JM txt. Special Edition: Jesus Messiah. Text line-by-line format. Public Domain.
NHEB JE txt. Special Edition: Jehovah. Text line-by-line format. Public Domain.
NHEB NT AN txt. Special Edition: Aramaic Names. Text line-by-line format. Public Domain.
NHEB YHWH txt. Special Edition: YHWH. Text line-by-line format. Public Domain.

NHEB txt formatted for import to Accordance Bible program.
NHEB txt in line-by-line format with some references. Public Domain.

NHEB pdf. Standard Edition. Abt. 5890 footnotes. TOC Page numbers updated 4-28-21. Public Domain.
NHEB ME pdf. Special Edition: Messianic. Abt. 4470 footnotes. TOC Page numbers updated 6-10-21. Public Domain.
NHEB JM pdf. Special Edition: Jesus Messiah. Abt. 1680 footnotes. Public Domain.
NHEB JE pdf. Special Edition: Jehovah. Abt. 3960 footnotes. Public Domain.
NHEB NT AN pdf. Special Edition: Aramaic Names. Abt. 1720 footnotes. Public Domain.
NHEB YHWH pdf. Special Edition: YHWH. Abt. 6515 footnotes. Public Domain.

MGNT pdf. Text Critical Greek New Testament, edited by Wayne A. Mitchell, Public Domain, 3rd edition April 2021. 
MGNT rtf. Text Critical Greek New Testament, edited by Wayne A. Mitchell, Public Domain, 3rd edition April 2021. RTF file, zipped.
MTH pdf. Text Critical Hebrew Tanakh with nikud, edited by Wayne A. Mitchell, Public Domain, 2015-2021.
MTH rtf. Text Critical Hebrew Tanakh with nikud, edited by Wayne A. Mitchell, Public Domain, 2015-2021. RTF file, zipped.

See also: Scribal Skips: 1300 Words That Fell Out of the Bible (4th ed., 2020), by Wayne A. Mitchell.

HB pdf. The Hebrew Bible (HB): Tanakh and Brit Hadasha with nikud. 

Exodus 12.40: The Israelite Sojourn in Egypt: 430 or 215 Years? A Text Critical Analysis.

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Deuteronomy 32.43 DSS, LXX, and MT.

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